• The Sci-Fi July Redux Space Opera Bundle

    10 novels of space opera and adventure

  • Heroes & Villains

    Which will it be: save the world, or watch it burn?

  • Fairy Tales: A Collected Uncollected Anthology Bundle

    Save money on great urban fantasy

  • The Books Gone Bad Bundle

    Speculative visions of a "uniquely portable magic"

Box Sets

BundleRabbit bundles ebooks into box sets which saves you time and money.
When you purchase multiple ebooks together as a bundle, you can save as much as 85% off the retail price.
Instead of downloading multiple ebooks to your ereader, you only need to download the combined ebook.
We format each ebook in the box set into a beautiful and consistent style. Each box set is hand checked for quality.

How it Works

With bundles you get a whole group of ebooks with a single purchase.

1. Find a bundle
When you discover a bundle you're interested in, Explore to see all the ebooks you'll receive in the bundle.
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2. Convenient Purchasing
Scroll to Pay What You Want to choose how much the ebooks are worth to you. Or decide to buy the bundle from your favorite retailer (Kobo, Amazon, Apple, or Nook) if available.
3. Download & Read
We'll email you a link to your private email page where you can download your bundle or send it to your Kindle. When purchasing from a retailer, they'll send you your bundle.

Find Amazing Reads

Buy a whole bundle of ebooks at a price you think is fair and discover hidden treasures.

  • HURRY!

    Many bundles are only available for a limited time.

    Act now before the bundle is gone forever.



Buying from BundleRabbit

Many bundles can be purchased at Kobo, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or the iBooks store for your convenience.

But there are advantages to purchasing from BundleRabbit.

Many bundles allow you to share the love and donate 10% of your purchase to a worthy charity.
DRM Free
Read bundles without restrictions on your computer, tablet, ereader or smart phone.
Some bundles provide a mini-bundle option where there are fewer ebooks bundled at a lower price.
More to Authors
More money goes to support amazing indie authors when bundles are purchased through BundleRabbit.


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