How Bundles Work

With Ebook Bundles you get a WHOLE GROUP of books with a single purchase.

You're buying a book bundle, not the individual books.

step 1 decide

First, view the bundle you're interested in. Scroll down to Pay What You Want and choose how much the books are worth to you.

step 2 buy

Next, decide to pay with PayPal or a credit card. It's safe and secure. In fact, we never even see your credit card number!

step 3 download

Finally, download the books from your bundle or send them to your Kindle. We'll email you a link to your private download page.

About the Bundles

Pay what you want for ebook bundles.


Share the love and donate 10% of your purchase to a worthy charity.

DRM Free

Read without restrictions on your computer, tablet, ereader or smart phone.

Bonus Levels

Beat the average purchase to unlock the 1st bonus. Hit a minimum price for the 2nd.

Help Authors

Support amazing indie authors and help them keep creating great content.

Find Amazing Reads

Buy a whole bundle of ebooks at a price you think is fair and discover hidden treasures.

Hurry! Each ebook bundle is only available for a limited time before it is gone forever.

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Bonus Levels

An example* of how bonus levels work.

The Minimum

Let's say there's 12 books in a bundle, but for a minimum of $3.00 you get 5 of them.

Beat the Average

If the bundle's average purchase price is $6.75, pay one penny more and unlock an additional 2 books.

Unlock All

If the bundle's unlock price is $14.00, pay at least this amount and receive all 12 books.

* This is an example only. Each bundle's price and bonus structure differs.